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Angela Kariniemi ecotherapy

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I thought this was interesting and neat to see this program is available. Hopefully we will see more implementation and "green medicine" being prescribed as there is more awareness through programs like this. John F. Kennedy University

Eco-Therapy & Eco-Psychology

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Here is a short (~7min), but interesting interview with Linda Buzzell, co-editor of the book Ecotherapy:Healing with Nature in Mind from Boston radio program Living on Earth. She discusses some of the common issues she has encountered as an ecotherapist, such as ecoanxiety. She also describes what a normal session with an ecotherapist might be like, which was pretty interesting.


Here is an excerpt from an article from the Utne Reader about ecotherapy, Ecotherapy for the Ecosoul, from Larry Robinson, who was also featured in the book Ecotherapy.

Ecopsychology seeks to address the sources of our cultural madness and to reestablish the lost connection with the more-than-human world. Its intention is to reanimate the world, to restore its soul. To do this we must remember that we are not simply imperfect machines but beings in a world that is alive with mystery.

Ecopsychological therapy--instead of dwelling on the questions What do I need? and How can I get it?--asks What is my place in the world? Rather than deriving machinelike standards for optimal functioning, it asks: What human qualities does a healthy ecosystem require? Sustainability is a key concept, in the sense of both how we, as a species, can live sustainably on the earth, and how we, as individuals, can create sustainable lives and relationships. (Robinson, n.d.)

One more article from the Utne:Ecopsychology: Whole Earth Mental Health

Nine-year Socrates

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Here is a nine year old waxing about the meaning of the Universe - something utterly innocent is occurring here when a child is given permission to think out loud - profoundly simple and yet so eloquent


The cost of nature

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A great article on how we can look at the value of nature from a ROSI and ROI point of view

What is nature worth?

the secret power of trees

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