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Outdoor Gyms

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I mentioned in our discussion last week that when I stayed in Montpellier, France this past summer there was an outdoor gym at the dorm I stayed in. I thought this was so amazing because I had never seen one before. Has anybody ever seen any around Minnesota? Just curious. Anyways, the link I posted above brings you to an article about the first outdoor gym in Soweto, South Africa. It is absolutely free and the machines are weather resistant. Apparently the company that made this first one plans to make 1,000 more in South Africa over the next two years. Many people are now exercising that did not before, especially because it's free and surrounded by the outdoors. I absolutely love this idea- especially the free part! Talk about a great incentive.

Angela Kariniemi Forest Bathing

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This video highlights some of the research from Japan on the benefits of forest bathing that we read about this week. Alan Logan makes a strong point that In a world where cities will continue to grow with the increasing population, it is going to be important to have research for city planners to look at so that they will keep and maintain some of the forests we have he says, much harder to bring back a forest than to keep the one that is there. Shinrin-Yoku Forest BathingDesktop Background.bmp
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