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DSC03669.JPG Who am I?
Maybe the better question to answer is, "Why do you need to know me?"

If you're an undergraduate or graduate student, staff or a faculty member in Extension or the College of Continuing Education, then I'm your librarian.

I can help you by:

  • Answering reference questions. Can't track down a citation? Want to make sure you found all the research that's been done on your thesis topic? Contact me. I can work with you via email, or
  • Selecting the books, conference proceedings, and journals you need to do your work. Contact me if you have specific titles in mind.
  • Assisting in compiling bibliographies.
  • Leading workshops tailored to your research group's needs. We offer regularly scheduled workshops at Magrath Library and other campus libraries, and I'd be glad to customize any of them for your group. Note that although many of our workshops are about library tools and resources, we do go beyond the library's walls with classes such as Google for Researchers,Working Collaboratively, and Dissertations in Word 2007.
  • Developing Web pages of library resources geared specifically for the courses you're teaching. I can also come into your class to teach your students how to use those resources effectively.
  • Helping you add your works, whether published in a journal or written as a student, to the University Digital Conservancy (UDC). The UDC offers long-term archiving, a persistent URL you can share with your colleagues or post to your Web site, and indexing by Google and other search engines.

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