March 2009 Archives

MLS Final Project Seminar


Last night I joined the Final Project Seminar class as they discussed formatting their thesis. It was the perfect opportunity to adapt the Dissertations in Word 2007 to their needs. I taught the instructor and the students many tricks, such as automatic Table of Contents, editing style headings and breaking the front matter and body into sections. Even though I had some trouble with technology; it showed the students that there is a way, and that you will get frustrated with word processing programs at one point or another. I hope I can do this for each Final Project Seminar course!

The new Science Information Literacy wiki at:

The wiki was created as a place for science and technology librarians to examine, review, and collect relevant science resources that can be used as part of information literacy instruction to science students and faculty.

MLS Newsletter


To promote my services to the MLS students at CCE, the latest issues of the MLS newsletter has a paragraph blurb introducing myself to the students and letting them know I am available for research, reference and instruction assistance.

Ah Ha Moment


During an instruction session after going over the importance of thing of multiple keywords/phrases/synonyms for various components for a topic a student said, “I get it- it’s like scategories.” Those light bulb moments reinforce the message and I could see a ripple of light bulbs going on in the room.

Customizing Extensions My U Portal


I am working with Extension to customize their MyLibrary tab in the Portal. Customizing their interface puts library resources at their point of need and are targeted to their interests. We also are working on pulling other targeted information such as blog posts to the page.