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Cell Phone Student Exercises

Recently I skimmed, Toys to tools : connecting student cell phones to education. Geared towards K12 students and getting them engaged in the classroom by using cell phone technology. The books neglects to discuss how to incorporate technology in populations where everyone does not have a cell phone. However, some interesting ideas and sites were discussed that I made note of:
- Inquiry Question Icebreaker, used wiffiti, to ask a question and have students text answers that immediately post on the live screen.
- In teams during Science Activity Project students looked at a historically significant phenomenon, such as nuclear physics, and then applied the phen to modern day. the students created a Reactee T-shirt (http://reactee.com, shirts $20-27). people would text the number on the t-shirt and get a message to let people know about the connection and how it affects them today.
- Interested in having students create a simple mobile website of information on a topic, try Zinadoo or FeedM8.
- Students can create an enhanced mobile podcast by using PowerPoint slides with QuickTime pro to add audio, and Mobilatory. You will need to convert your PowerPoint movie to a 3G format.
- LastSpotted is a free service where you spy on a something and every tiem you see that thing or person you send a text message. Students can take pictures of insects with their cell phonesand send their pictures with a text message to LastSpotted.

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