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Search Engine News

Wolfram|alpha is worth keeping tabs on;their goal is to make "systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone." http://www71.wolframalpha.com/ the site is great at conversations. There are all sorts of fascinating things like generating world maps according to life expectancy, etc.

To read a longer discussion of the resource, visit: http://yalsa.ala.org/blog/2009/05/17/search-news-and-teens/

Googl WheelSearch.jpg Google announced a new universal search. "These include contextual navigation links above the search results that help users "drill down" to specific types of information. For instance, developers who search for [python] will see links for "web," "blogs," "books," "groups," and "code," whereas [downtown los angeles] will show a different set of links. "

More info on new search engines, here.

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