October 2009 Archives

Edward Tufte - Data Visualization


Below you will find some of the takeaways from the full day seminar with Edward Tufte on data visualization. Brilliant! Everyone should see him at one point or another!

• Information is separated by modes of production (e-mail, document, photo)
• Annotate everything - act of explaining
• Bring real things into your talk
• 1 +1 =3 , we make one mark then another and the third is the activation of space between the two
• Attendees can read faster than you can present

MELP Faculty Meeting


Last Friday, October 2nd, I had the opportunity to meet with the instructors in the Minnesota English Language Program. During the hour session I showed them the ESL RQS page, and they showed interest in creating a MELP specific RQS page.

Lastly, we generated some thoughts and discussion on various topics that the instructors have difficulty with, or where they could see the Libraries supplementing their coursework. A few of the ideas included:

  • image resources

  • citations

  • popular vs. scholarly

  • resources for pro/con papers

  • synching audio to PowerPoint

  • RefWorks

  • teaching tools and more!

I look forward to working with MELP over the 2009-2010 year!