January 2010 Archives

Extension Orientation


I was able to attend Extension's New Employee orientation as an attendees yesterday. What a great way to get a solid footing in the lingo and projects. One of the highlights was hearing from EFANS and then getting 3D glasses to look at a 3D map. Pretty cool. I also failed all three listening quizzes- a great exercise I may use with instruction classes to make sure they are listening :)

By far the best part was meeting new employees of Extension. Over lunch I learned about a gentleman up north who's wife assists a single source honey producer & got an invite for a tour when I go up that way for a site visit in the future. Lots of amazing stories regarding the politics of 4H participants at county fairs and also the deep sense of pride families and students have in their projects being shown.

Thanks for Extension for letting me attend, and hopefully we can collaborate in the future to incorporate library services somehow.

Embedding Librarian


Fcros.jpg I just proposed a book chapter for Embedded Librarians: Moving beyond one-shot instruction regarding my work with Extension. In this I will discuss my work with creating custom research guides, tutorials, videos and assisting in the promotion process through webinars. Along with the consultation role I have played with online programs and active learning strategies.