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Notes: Extension Telling the Story


What does quality mean in the wake of Tiger Woods and Toyota?
Don't talk about quality programs, do quality programs.
Know your audience + Know your benefits as defined by your audience = your future success
Do you know who you is the auditor of your county, the commissioner, etc.? Sadly, I can say I could not.
WIIFM = What's in it for me?
What are some of the unintended consequences from your communications?
Private value- how the person who participates benefits from participating
public value- how other members of the county/community benefit when others participate, but they do not

i.e. I don't have kids and live in the Apple Valley school district. But I believe in the good of public education so I pay my taxes. A public value, not a private value since I don't have kids.

The world does not bleed green like we do...
Washington county went to local businesses and asked how 4H impacts them.. great idea!
It's now about the Cow. It's not about the newsletter or tool. Be sure you know why you need it. If you only have 10 minutes to talk about programming with the commissioners. Maybe you don't need a ppt, maybe you just need to talk to them.

What did you identify that you don't know that you need to know?
(Think about the Libraries and how we can assist with your message.)

Make a list of all the organizations that you can go talk to. Go beyond preaching to the choir. Make sure you have an ask at the end. (support, volunteering, do some sort of closing)

When you ask the idea is to move people to action, to connect with people.

**Extension has AWESOME fact sheets to give to legislators. Minnesota Libraries should adopt something similar for Library Advocacy Day. **

Youth & U Conference Round Table


After a flat tire I made it to the Youth & U Conference midway through the round table discussion. Even though I was late I was able to meet with Extension staff about the Libraries. Everyone was full of great questions and positive comments about the resources they did not even know they had access to.

I look forward to working with everyone over the next year, and don't forget you have a personal librarian!




Construction Management faculty and students, here are some sites that have excellent calculators for common calculations:

Snazzy Presentation Tool: Prezi


On March 17th I presented with two coworkers at the Library Technology Conference about Flash and products that use Flash without programing. One of those is a presentation tool called "Prezi" which I gave an overview and demo of. You will find my presentation below. My colleagues' presentation on the myths of Flash and more, click here.