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When Generations Collide


A few notes from the Minitex ILL conference where David Stillman is talking about What Happens When Generations Collide?

  • 70% Boomers will change jobs when the economy recovers

  • We may go through the same lifestages, but we go through them very differently.

  • Les than 2% of Gen Xers identify with the grung/slackers idea

  • 45% of the workforce is eligible to retire in the next 3 years

  • Traditionalists: What will keep you worried when you leave? Knowledge transfer important.

  • Baby boomers are the most competitive generation ever

  • Boomer burnout: need to delegate; biggest reward right now is time off.

  • Gen X: started the most businesses int he past 7yrs; good w/ change; most skeptical (mtgs behind closed doors)l; more they learn the more they stay- train. Keep in communication- informal feedback. Need to be taught teamwork
  • Millennials: technology, haven't visited a brick and mortar bank!, parents involved at college and work, work that has meaning, collaborative, involved in decisions,innovative, has been praised for everything, have them do a self eval first,

  • Stop the stereotyping and get to know the strengths and challenges