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Here are a few notes from the Association for College and Research Libraries in Philadelphia March 30-April 2, 2011. I also tweeted comments using the hashtag #acrl2011 Though I am ticked that most of the tweets I *ed did not stick from the conference... sigh.

CyberZedShed tools mentioned i "To the Cloud" - animoto, voki animate an avatar w your voice, tweet during lecture, wallwisher embed in website - keyword brainstorming, discussion, post 3 things learned,

ESL language learner strategies- think pair share, free writing have them write about how use find in library, reading strategy, use term content word not keyword, affect feelings very important,

Good to great by Jim Collins willingness to identify core to stop doing, Start with why by Simon Simick. Identify core ethos, emotions.

Mobile app for orientation from coulter library- scvngr trek get points for doing it, can do via text messanging, augmented reality aris from Madison, wi. Gps not good for up and down, give floors. Signage: Qr code and include url. Love this idea- want to try it with CFANS Welcome Week Activities.

Therapy dogs- partner w local therapy dog association/club, study day and first day of finals, dogs can't do any longer than 2 hours, lower level and gallery, paid for parking passes, marketing poster, Facebook, Twitter once dogs came over huge, 4 dogs .120 students on first day, range of dog sizes. Paper for comments. Therapy dog group had insurance. Articles on therapy dogs for admin. Boston globe tuffs: http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2010/12/14/dogs_helping_college_students_fight_exam_stress/

Opt out culture. CNN connects w friends on Facebook shared stories automatically.

Engaged librarians- time mgmt techniques, move from reactionary to proactive librarian, attend faculty and student presentations, prospecting for new collaborations article activities, what is strategic? Large classes, gen ed, intro to dept, wi, research methods, categorize types of learning, make the connection, each had a syllabus from a particular area ss, science, a&h, looked for where instruction could happen, hot spots in syllabus. goal intervention and talking plan. Pattern at reference desk, how satisfied w student projects, tyranny of choice in the chronicle of choice, too much can be paralyzing, choice can be debilitating, embed search results in course, is the point to search or understand and synthesize, text links in books are distracting maybe put at the end. http://engagedlibn.wetpaint.com/whatsnew

Online students: Drop in sessions, 25 attendees, join-me for virtual reference, virtual research consultations, enrolled in all courses through generic email, can email all students, jiffele works w Google calendar tungle.me now sends request,

Missed this session, but good blog post with presentation "Personal Branding for New Librarians: Standing Out and Stepping Up" http://www.bohyunkim.net/blog/archives/1289

Collaborations w faculty- an mls does not make me less than a phd, make the connection- find in habitat, be bold, ask them about themselves, reinforce the connection- use their communications method, keep in touch, go collaborate. Identify mutual interest. Be, make , reinforce, make, go. Wiifm for faculty. Great blog post on this presentation: http://www.inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.org/2011/collaborating-with-faculty-part-i-a-five-step-program/

Zombies: urban legends, research legends real or not and cultural significance, didn't go over well students though screwed up their game night.

Don't get lost in the stacks call number guide. Libguides have mobile view. How to find a book. Microsoft tag manager allow color. Maps, students don't realize go vertical, qr code that directly dials reference.

Layar- augumented reality of campus throughout time. Can use camera on phone and sms message w help I'm stuck in fed docs in Magrath......

Going the Distance: A Closer Look at Uniting with Remote Users: instructional technology toolkit @ univ of n Carolina greenish- very cool resources of scheduling, information management etc. tools for faculty http://library.uncg.edu/info/depts/reference/instruction/tech_toolkit_homepage.aspx

For me the most valuable portion of the conference was meeting with other Extension librarians at a roundtable discussion and hashing out successes/failures. Challenges: marketing, high turnover, distance training, deep budget cuts, separate communities of practice/centers, etc. Successes: e-mail and newsletter blurbs, webinar -> more reference questions, working on specific projects i.e Agnic beef cattle institute,

Also, heard about this interesting library community, Libraries Thriving

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