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I was honored to be asked to run for MLA President-Elect. Below you will find my biography and statement. I appreciate feedback and would be honored if elected with your vote!


Kristen Mastel is an outreach and instruction librarian at the University of Minnesota. In previous positions, she served as a reference librarian with Minitex, and was a solo librarian at Brown College while offering relief support for Carver County Library. Kristen has held numerous positions of leadership at the local and national level. She is the current chair of the Reference Services Section, Education and Professional Development committee of the ALA, and chair of the Minnesota chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America. Additionally, she is a co-chair of the Information Literacy Collaborative at the University of Minnesota. Her primary focus of research and publication is instruction-related. Lastly, she is past chair of the Academic and Research Libraries Division (ARLD) within MLA where she collaborated this past year with the Public Libraries Division on ARLD Day. Kristen promotes librarianship through Twitter: @klmlibrarian.

Candidate Statement

I appreciate the opportunity to run for the position of President-Elect of MLA. My positive experiences with MLA along with my interest in leadership and governance bring me to an interest in this position. I hope to aid MLA in creating a sustainable strategic plan to allow for innovation, collapsing silos into collaborations and partnering to increase the visibility of libraries within our communities and the state. With the current and projected financial climate in Minnesota, I don't believe there has ever been a more critical time necessitating combination of efforts and a sharing of resources between libraries. Additionally, I also believe that with ever-changing technologies, we still must remember the human interaction side of information delivery. Through strong divisions, sections and round tables, we can continue to strengthen MLA, and thus libraries as a whole. I appreciate the consideration of your vote!