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AASL Conference


I received an exhibitors pass through Metronet to attend AASL. Overall, similar to what I remember of PLA, and smaller than ALA. It was inspiring to chat with media specialists while waiting in line for an author's book, which I often donated to my local K12 school libraryl; hearing about all the job cuts and struggles with testing was disheartening, however the wonderful creative instruction they do is inspiring. I volunteered to be a room monitor, so I was able to attend a few sessions as well:

Divergence Convergence: Learning in a transmedia, cross-genre, multimedia world
Thinking, teaching, technology
Aasl standard lessons
Create lists of resources before approaching teacher, videos, photographs, wiki, etc. Not the specific tech but the genre (not flickr but photos)
Voice thread -
Book convergence culture- media convergence, participatory culture, collective intelligence
Encyclopedia of life
Google earth collaborative
The 39 Clues books, cards, website, social network... Can you have students create cards or game for another series
Instead of book review, short one and annotated list of good websites to go with it, info on characters, time period, setting, etc.
Skeleton Creek good example of transmedia storytelling, go back and forth between book and video, like Easter eggs and DVDs, click all over and explore
Dark Eden is another example
Fahrenheit 451 graphic novel
Anne frank house graphic novel
1776 illustrated version, with documents, maps, etc.
Cathy's key has packets, phone numbers to call, cards, etc. work with objects,
The amanda project
Dark effects has an evidence packets, be a patient in the medical facility
Bran Hambric(?) music for each chapter
voki create avatar, record voice, type paragraph and will read it, and can embed
Oral history projects with a twist: Clara kitchen recipes from depression era,
Greatest engineering achievements of the 20 century website
The house of power, lost audio
maximum ride website
Read write think - profile creator to think about public- private info
CBC digital archives
Frontline series
Inanimate Alice- interactive story
Copper, web comics
Story bird, create own comics
High impact world without oil- game
Sarah's key - two stories intertwined ww2
Hennietta lax - cancer nonfiction
Alice (Alice Roosevelt)' mrs. Tom thumb, lady in a blue dress all historical fiction

Empowering students through self-assessment
Move role from teacher to student
Clear learning objective and students should know them
Don't have to rewrite curriculum, look at activities, change student log, to graded log?
Keep it simple and small: start with a class, and be strategic, not the hundreds of lessons in a school every year
Student view and teacher view
Glogster digital poster
Given at the beginning, so students can continually assess their learning though out the lesson/project
Ratings log graphic organizer
Assessment = assistment is what the student heard, assist me is what self assessment is about
When you do peer critiquing you get better at evaluating yourself
New York is developing a common core crosswalk with formative assessments

Char Booth Presentation


These are a few notes from the Char Booth workshop at Macalester earlier this year.

Library as indicator species, evolution or extinction? #clicreflect
1930's library posters digitized them in flickr - LOVE THEM, great inforgraphics

how are libraries like card catalog? How evolving? Time of crisis and transition?
Library definition is rooted in place, content, container, not people, services, misses library as concept, why libaries exist?

Experience of website, building etc. For intentional, knowledge leads to culture of library, accumulates memory (library tradition) (i.e. Our magrath giving away plants tradition)

Blue island public library, Illinois sf theater

Our own collective librarian identity? Probably some positive ones, since in the profession. What is our library memory?

3 paradigm shifts: reader centered, collection centered 60's libraries concrete blocks, digital has transitioned collection to learner, its about facilitating the process of learning, not comfy chairs

Working within communities of practice- knowing about characteristics of departments and their library memory, defraction

Catalog cards as scratch paper, some of our most valued users this is a very sad trend, nostalgia and complete unawareness

3 library: destruction (crusaders, Iraq), decline (now, decreased funding) displacement now (internet)
Library closure on google timeline, upward trend of reporting in media and happening, http://www.inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.org/2009/a-look-at-recessions-and-their-impact-on-librarianship/

What do all these formats represent? Curatorship, knowledge, convince, if we define ourself as the content created, uh oh go away with card catalog, remember the value of yourself,

library bill of rights: we want things to be free and open, our concept

Outreach ideas
hotdog cart mobile library
Diy marketing, buttons
Maker- breaks with old materials
Library bootcamp
A cycle of revolving research, uc irvine tutorial
Skill shares- faculty outreach, what works and doesn't
Professional development collection
Curriculum mapping, rubrics for faculty, implementation plan
Lib guides, talking about open access, what access when leave, how learn in your field in professions?
Muddbrary- organic gardening, teaching moment

Information awareness + disciplinary engagement + scholarly conversation
Research literacy, you know it's successful if provided research therapy, neutral support, aren't grading,

threshold concepts

Ask a librarian radical reference info

Libraries are indicative of values, and struggling to protect, need to adapt, evolve,

How to Break past container assumption that everything on google? what does it mean, who wrote it? What mean for social justice? Work in advocacy
Critical library instruction, book

There should be something in the library to offend everyone

Bethels gate count as much as dining services

Earth day setup box statue how much printing cost, etc.

Technology Toolkit

Concept mapping- collaboration, assessment, productivity
Poll everywhere- assessment, collaboration, visualization
Smart sync - assessment, communication, productivity,
Prezi - students loved it, play
Google docs - pre assessment, collaboration, play,
Bubbble.us - no login for a mindmap
Slide, look at other books on subject
Qr codes
Handouts- more space as a worksheet, documentation, collaboration,
Lib guides-
Wiki- collaboration,
twitter- post topics , respond back,
Dropbox - file sharing,
Jing- screen capture
Join me- screensharing
Popplet - visualize
Mail chimp- electronic newsletters
Libx- browser extension

Introduction, why I'm here, why you are here, pageant video
Should out what you are an expert in? Group together, group subjects, organize items
Keyword musical chairs- trade papers or mind maps,
Interview neighbor about topic, tell 1 thing about neighbors topic
Citations by jeopardy
Personal whiteboards
Pod groupings , 2 people per table

Love give people choices, judgement calls

Brick and Click 2011


These are just some random personal notes I took at B&C11 this year.

Library as place
Your campus living room
Old dark, cold building
What did our library users want? Surveys and ask
no new funding and fewer staff, did it with our skills
Love the neon Ask ? Sign
Always 2 people on desk
Got rid of walls and put in glass area
Cafe with just drinks not popular, now food and busy
1% of funding for fun stuff : games, movies, graphic novels; ppl learn dif ways
No one working on electronic acquisitions, now do
Tell faculty before you cut journals, resources, allocation formula,faculty decide what % of departmental is journals, books etc.
Program destination on campus, put them on the map with the university, took a position from acquisitions to program coordinator, 122 programs 14,000 people
Authors and artists celebrating faculty and staff, host extravaganza have a band, 10 tables about service and win prizes, free food and pop, 5,000 people between 10-3
future plans: libqual, paint stairwells, expand writing center students to distance students, new books plan, 5 ipads for checkout, presentation rehearsal space
Large chocolate bars with info on it rather than a handout
Mandated that distance students treated the same way

Qr codes
Abeline Christian university - custom Qr code generator to push out info, on displays and catalog
Signs around campus, handouts , online research guides
I like the signs for around campus
Signs for reference with code to digital encyclopedias etc.
Bitly doesn't say where scanning codes, create different codes for different locations
Library walking tour with videos
How to assess Qr code usage? Usefulness?

Have a fail whale for classroom presentations

Library and athletic partnership
My strategy- where's Waldo, be everywhere
Athletes have own tutors, support staff, academic advisers
Office hours, orientations, arrange library game days to support students
Slam: students, libraries, and athletes in motion
Coogs on the go library guide

Speaking to the masses
PowerPoint and screen casting
Captivate allows branch narratives