Brick and Click 2011


These are just some random personal notes I took at B&C11 this year.

Library as place
Your campus living room
Old dark, cold building
What did our library users want? Surveys and ask
no new funding and fewer staff, did it with our skills
Love the neon Ask ? Sign
Always 2 people on desk
Got rid of walls and put in glass area
Cafe with just drinks not popular, now food and busy
1% of funding for fun stuff : games, movies, graphic novels; ppl learn dif ways
No one working on electronic acquisitions, now do
Tell faculty before you cut journals, resources, allocation formula,faculty decide what % of departmental is journals, books etc.
Program destination on campus, put them on the map with the university, took a position from acquisitions to program coordinator, 122 programs 14,000 people
Authors and artists celebrating faculty and staff, host extravaganza have a band, 10 tables about service and win prizes, free food and pop, 5,000 people between 10-3
future plans: libqual, paint stairwells, expand writing center students to distance students, new books plan, 5 ipads for checkout, presentation rehearsal space
Large chocolate bars with info on it rather than a handout
Mandated that distance students treated the same way

Qr codes
Abeline Christian university - custom Qr code generator to push out info, on displays and catalog
Signs around campus, handouts , online research guides
I like the signs for around campus
Signs for reference with code to digital encyclopedias etc.
Bitly doesn't say where scanning codes, create different codes for different locations
Library walking tour with videos
How to assess Qr code usage? Usefulness?

Have a fail whale for classroom presentations

Library and athletic partnership
My strategy- where's Waldo, be everywhere
Athletes have own tutors, support staff, academic advisers
Office hours, orientations, arrange library game days to support students
Slam: students, libraries, and athletes in motion
Coogs on the go library guide

Speaking to the masses
PowerPoint and screen casting
Captivate allows branch narratives

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