23 Mobile Things: Thing 11 Library & Reference


Okay the timing of this one worked out perfectly. I am partnering with an 8th grade class on doing library research then creating a research poster. I showed the students ELM, then afterwards put up ELM on their smartphones and bookmark it. It worked out really well! I will have students do this more often. I also really liked the mobile site for Britannica School Middle, especially. Good graphics.

23 Mobile Things: Thing 10 Sharing Photos


I am not a big selfie person, so I haven't really seen the need to join the SnapChat crowd. However, my younger cousins are on it, so I recently started. It is kinda fun, but I found that I really prefer Instagram. I love how easy it is to either snap a picture in it, but I usually use a photo that was already on my computer, add some filters, then share via Facebook.

23 Mobile Things: Thing 9 Taking & Editing Photos


I am a little late to jump on board the editing photos train. Still most of my posts to Facebook involve unedited photos, and I am not much of a selfie person (can't figure out how to juggle phone and push the button at the same time, but do use the timer once and a while). I just started to use Instagram again, as I like the one click edit feature to make my photos better. I also downloaded Line, but I hate the notifications of all the cutesy frames and stamps that they have added. Actually Line reminds me of the photobooths they have in Japan. They allow you to make your eyes bigger, smooth your skin, etc. (like a "beauty shot" on my Android phone), then add a frame, stamps, writing, etc. Not too into it yet, but am going to explore more.

I used to use TweetDeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts, but recently changed over to HootSuite, as this is what the U Libraries are using to manage our social media accounts. I love that we can schedule a tweet and then select to post to Twitter, Facebook, or both. The one thing that took us a while to figure out what that the publish (airplane icon) is where future tweets are scheduled under, as we have a couple double posts during the beginning. I also like the ability to see lists of folks you follow easily, send tweets, etc. The analytics are okay with the free version.

I also just tried the app Friendcaster. I love the zip it feature to block spam and some users where I don't want to see their posts. The saved posts is helpful too for when I don't have time to watch a video someone posted. I find this a lot easier to use than the actual Facebook app. Good find!

23 Mobile Things: Thing 7 Content Saving & Sharing


I have used bitly for years now. It is great at shortening and saving URLs. However, being at the UMN, we created our own service with Z links. I like this because it uses my work username and password, it allows you to change the link the shortened URL goes to, because we often change where things are hosted, etc. Plus it has decent analytics.

23 Mobile Things: Thing 6 Editing Docs


Maybe it is just me and my workflow, but I just can't work on my smartphone or ipad for real in-depth work, such as writing a report or working on a conference presentation. I need more control with my mouse and a full keyboard. However, I do often struggle with opening documents on my smartphone while on the bus between meetings. I decided to try Quickoffice. It seems to work really well for what I need it to do: download word documents, upload documents to Google Drive, and a few simple corrections within the document. Again, I am not a huge word processor when not on my laptop, but this does seem to open the document I have much better than other free software I have tried.

23 Mobile Things: Notetaking


I have used Evernote for years, and love it especially when at conferences, or those quick brainstorms I have while walking to a meeting. However, I struggle with reminders based on the action items I have identified in my notes. I wish there was a way that Evernote integrated with my calendar to do alerts. Maybe there is, but I am just not using the feature. I have used RememberTheMilk for this reason. I take my tasks and break them down in RememberTheMilk which displays in my google calendar, etc.

I also just tried Bamboo Paper. I wish I had a stylist with my ipad, as I think that would make it easier. However, this is perfect timing, as I just took a class on visual facilitation, and making visual agendas. I could see Bamboo Paper being great for this.