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Construction Management faculty and students, here are some sites that have excellent calculators for common calculations:

Social Networking 101


Over the lunch hour I led a brown bag on social networking basics for College of Continuing Education staff. It was a great group, full of questions and expertise sharing. below you will find my presentation and handout.

Social Networking 101 handout

MELP Faculty Meeting


Last Friday, October 2nd, I had the opportunity to meet with the instructors in the Minnesota English Language Program. During the hour session I showed them the ESL RQS page, and they showed interest in creating a MELP specific RQS page.

Lastly, we generated some thoughts and discussion on various topics that the instructors have difficulty with, or where they could see the Libraries supplementing their coursework. A few of the ideas included:

  • image resources

  • citations

  • popular vs. scholarly

  • resources for pro/con papers

  • synching audio to PowerPoint

  • RefWorks

  • teaching tools and more!

I look forward to working with MELP over the 2009-2010 year!

CCE presentations


Over the past two weeks the Masters of Liberal Studies students have been coming out of the wood works. Last week I gave a presentation to the Final Project course on RefWorks and how to create your thesis in Word 2007. The week prior I talked to the Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies course and we went over RefWorks. I also have has three consultations with various students on how to locate information on their various topics from film to health. I truly am never bored!

Construction Management Research


To assist CCE Construction Management students with their engineering, and other applied research questions I have created a research page that lists relevant databases.
Check it out, at:

MLS Final Project Seminar


Last night I joined the Final Project Seminar class as they discussed formatting their thesis. It was the perfect opportunity to adapt the Dissertations in Word 2007 to their needs. I taught the instructor and the students many tricks, such as automatic Table of Contents, editing style headings and breaking the front matter and body into sections. Even though I had some trouble with technology; it showed the students that there is a way, and that you will get frustrated with word processing programs at one point or another. I hope I can do this for each Final Project Seminar course!

MLS Newsletter


To promote my services to the MLS students at CCE, the latest issues of the MLS newsletter has a paragraph blurb introducing myself to the students and letting them know I am available for research, reference and instruction assistance.