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23 Mobile Things: Thing 20-23


Thing 20
Despite many attempts by friends and the floods of invites via Facebook I am just not a gamer anymore. I just don't have the time. I always let the games time out. I have tried Draw This, DrawQuest, Candy Crush, and Words with Friends. I would rather use the photo apps and take pics of friends, family and food. Sorry this Thing wasn't for me.

Thing 21
The 3 apps I can't live without are: Notability, Evernote, and SparkPeople. Sorry I mentioned or used them all before. I love Notabilities easy to use interface for drawing, and Evernote is synced on all my devices where I take weekly notes of who I have met with and what I have done, then sparkpeople to keep my food intake and fitness in check. Oh I also tried PicCollage to make a collage of photos from my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

Thing 22
I really love Quixey for finding new apps. I used it to find the PicCollage app that I wrote about above... lots of choices and you can filter by platform and FREE which is awesome. I also am a browser, so the "best of" lists and 23 Mobile Things are great for me when I don't have a set task in mind, rather I just have some time to kill and want to see what the latest and greatest is.

Thing 23

Thanks for this experience to look at a bunch of different apps, and explore. It forced me to sit down and take some personalized professional development time, which is rare these days. I really enjoyed the editing and sharing photos weeks. I am trying to get better about not just sending the original photo, and do a little touch-up/enhancement to it first before posting and sending. I like Line Camera, but the constant updates are really starting to bug me right now, so I might actually delete it.

While I already used some of the apps, each of the Things provided at least a new feature and tip that I could use it more effectively. Oh and the mobile device tips with the videos were awesome. I never realized how little I was using smart commands and features until I watched some of that.... brilliant! Thanks again!

Thing 12
I tried out iStoryBooks with my nieces and nephew this past weekend. We went to como zoo then read some animal story books. My fav was the The Mean Lion and the Smart Rabbit. I look forward to rainy days and using this on my app when babysitting.

Thing 13
Okay I had a major Haiku fail.... I love the simple design, but the lack of characters on a screen killed a presentation for me, as I couldn't put a few foundational quotes on the screen. It is great if you just want an image and 1-5 words. Since we are a Google campus I am using Google Presenter more now.

Thing 14
We are thinking about using Vine for welcome week orientation, or to do short demo videos of services and resources in the Libraries. I personally love the Walker Art Library which uses Vine to show some of their artists' books, which have interesting pop-ups, folds, etc.

Thing 15
I recently created an infographic to start my Lake Superior Libraries Symposium poster. I used While I didn't use my infographic in my poster, I used it to plan out my content. I am going to keep Infographics Hub in my back pocket for inspiration. We are going to work with a class to create some library infographics this fall, and these are some great resources in this "thing" for them to use.

Thing 16
While I tried Augioboo it isn't enough for me. I could see it for all those little things that I brainstorm walking and need to remember, but I record a lot of interviews, and the length limit is too narrow for me. I prefer this other app on my ipad, which I am blanking on what it is... I will add it in later.... ________.

Thing 17

OMG, the timing of this was perfect. I downloaded Highlights of the Superior Hiking Trail right before LSLS14. While I didn't have time to hike the trails, I did look up a trail by my friend's house to learn more. Very cool. I am sharing this with my uncle who is a huge backpacker along the North Shore.
I used Minneapolis Skyway for a conference I coordinated. This is super helpful to out-of-towners. Also, the Minnesota State Fair app is a mainstay on my phone. Who doesn't need to know where the closest Freshest French Fries or Tom Thumb donuts are? :)

Thing 18
ArtCircles is really fun. While I was an art history major, this is great to see things on themes, but colors, which is harder to find in a group. I actually used this to find some images of horses for a presentation. I then found the artist in ArtStor and used that image, since we have the license to do so at UMN.

Since I am starting to track what I eat using the SparkPeople app (love it and it is free). I thought I would try Eat This Not That. I am shocked how small items can have mega calories hidden in them. I knew sweet breakfast breads aren't the best for you, but 550 calories a pop, wow....

Thing 19
I don't know much about wine, but do enjoy a good glass of pinot noir. I really love Vivino Wine Scanner, because I can photograph the bottle to remember what I had and if I liked it or not.

23 Mobile Things: Thing 11 Library & Reference


Okay the timing of this one worked out perfectly. I am partnering with an 8th grade class on doing library research then creating a research poster. I showed the students ELM, then afterwards put up ELM on their smartphones and bookmark it. It worked out really well! I will have students do this more often. I also really liked the mobile site for Britannica School Middle, especially. Good graphics.

23 Mobile Things: Thing 10 Sharing Photos


I am not a big selfie person, so I haven't really seen the need to join the SnapChat crowd. However, my younger cousins are on it, so I recently started. It is kinda fun, but I found that I really prefer Instagram. I love how easy it is to either snap a picture in it, but I usually use a photo that was already on my computer, add some filters, then share via Facebook.

23 Mobile Things: Thing 9 Taking & Editing Photos


I am a little late to jump on board the editing photos train. Still most of my posts to Facebook involve unedited photos, and I am not much of a selfie person (can't figure out how to juggle phone and push the button at the same time, but do use the timer once and a while). I just started to use Instagram again, as I like the one click edit feature to make my photos better. I also downloaded Line, but I hate the notifications of all the cutesy frames and stamps that they have added. Actually Line reminds me of the photobooths they have in Japan. They allow you to make your eyes bigger, smooth your skin, etc. (like a "beauty shot" on my Android phone), then add a frame, stamps, writing, etc. Not too into it yet, but am going to explore more.

I used to use TweetDeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts, but recently changed over to HootSuite, as this is what the U Libraries are using to manage our social media accounts. I love that we can schedule a tweet and then select to post to Twitter, Facebook, or both. The one thing that took us a while to figure out what that the publish (airplane icon) is where future tweets are scheduled under, as we have a couple double posts during the beginning. I also like the ability to see lists of folks you follow easily, send tweets, etc. The analytics are okay with the free version.

I also just tried the app Friendcaster. I love the zip it feature to block spam and some users where I don't want to see their posts. The saved posts is helpful too for when I don't have time to watch a video someone posted. I find this a lot easier to use than the actual Facebook app. Good find!

23 Mobile Things: Thing 7 Content Saving & Sharing


I have used bitly for years now. It is great at shortening and saving URLs. However, being at the UMN, we created our own service with Z links. I like this because it uses my work username and password, it allows you to change the link the shortened URL goes to, because we often change where things are hosted, etc. Plus it has decent analytics.

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