"Experiments That Keep Going and Going and Going"

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This article examines two different cases of long-term research and the struggles and triumphs that accompany these journeys. After reading through this, I found a couple aspects extremely interesting. First off, the fact that they have been able to keep the experiment constant is a huge accomplishment. One, started in 1879, has been going strong since and has been controlled by many scientists all working towards the same goal. It's proof that being meticulous and having a strong experimental design has been key since over a century ago. I also think that this is really something people performing experiments have to keep in mind; if the research lasts longer than their lifespan, would others be able to take over in exactly the same nature?

Another thing I found interesting was the fact that these scientists realize that they most likely won't be alive when results are found. This not only shows how much passion they have for their work but also their true understanding of their subject(s). They get that nature needs to take its course and in order to get valid results, they simply can't rush the process.

Research Link: http://www.npr.org/2012/11/23/165030844/experiments-that-keep-going-and-going-and-going

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