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This is another example of how companies attempt to gain participants for their research. In this case, I (the potential subject) was e-mailed this on, what was to me, a random day. I think this practice has a couple of very good things about it, but also some major drawbacks. First off, I like how they tailored it to their target audience: their customers. Sometimes companies are confused and try to sample the wrong group of people. Second, they option that they added at the end to opt out of any more emails is a nice touch. This makes people feel like the company actually cares if they're being bothered and retains clients.
There are, however, some negatives about this. First off, e-mail services could easily read this as "junk mail" and automatically sort the message straight to the trash bin as most are programmed to do. If it did make it through the digital scan, it would also then have to make it through the human scan. People receive so many pointless emails everyday that they're very quick to ignore messages such as this one (as I did).

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