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A Little Video

Once upon a time, I read an interview of the person who manages Google's open-source applications business - blogger, google reader, picasa, etc. He said that long ago he ran out of room to store the information flow that comes his way over the internet everyday...so he looks for technology that allows him to throw interesting ideas in the "cloud" of cyberspace. They are there if he needs them, easily retrievable but not a drain on his mental or human resources.

I completely appreciate the ability to store, share, print, mashup, etc. my visual media - the beauty of web 2.0 video/audio/picture technology. For example, it is wonderful to quickly store, organize and share photos from workshops. I easily upload, build into slide-shows and share family pics on the blog.

Last year, we purchased in ESE two stocked and easy to use video kits that are available to program teams that want to shoot and use video.

Finally, I am now a growing ANIMOTO addict. This may be a useful way of building professional-looking promotional shorts for our programs? In the meantime, I play with the family photos.


What a great post and a super great video! I enjoyed both a lot, thanks!