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Exploring RSS Feeds

I am an addict on the mend. RSS was such a wonderful invention to efficiently keep me abreast of new content on useful sites - everything in my case from academic journals to the hometown newspaper. Once aboard google reader and surfing the various feed search engines, I quickly became addicted - trying hard to scan hundreds of new posts daily, weekly. Over time, I have been able to cut back to the most useful few...and a check once weekly or so.

Addictions aside, I have found RSS to be so useful for networking purposes. In the case of the blog created by students in my course (see last post) it enabled easy promotion of their content - a real and wide audience. We are currently capitalizing on RSS to enable efficient regional office ride-sharing and national knowledge sharing.

One of the things that I really appreciated about Google Reader is the analytics available - my ability to easily see where I spend my time. As noted in my case, RSS can fairly easily result in information overload for users...or a tough time getting information into the flood effectively for producers. Personally, I am working to better understand ways of bubbling information to the surface of the flood.


I really enjoyed your post! I had no idea Google Reader has analytics available. I'll have to look into that... sounds cool! And I would love to hear more about Extension uses you have found/thought about for RSS. It sounds like you have already put it to good use.