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Podcasting in a busy week

This week has been hurried, time pressed for homework. Nonetheless, I was able to fish a bit for environmental science education-oriented podcasts...and there are many. Of the 200+ results returned for a podcast alley search for 'environmental education', I was impressed particularly by Nature Notebook and EarthNews Radio. The former is a short intro to nature facts. The latter is a snapshot of environmental issues. There are also good resources like Grist updates, etc.

Overall, I am intrigued with podcasting...but not sure how to really make use of the technology. They are indeed easy to create (at least in a mediocre way). But, the market is increasingly competative for podcasts. And, I am not sure how often people really listen to them. Personally, I have an IPod completely packed with music. I tried the podcast subscription...but never listened. I am also aware of a couple Extension programs that heard similar feedback when they explored the possibility of using podcasts. It seems like there is a lot to learn about effectively marketing these casts...perhaps from Mark Seely?