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Exploring Wikis

I have now added the Extension's E-Learning Wiki to my favorites...something to explore more deeply later, especially the text on online learning. As a child of Star Wars (a proud three-time Darth Vader for holloween kid), I also enjoyed the Wookiepedia. The sheer volume of collaborative information on this site amazed me...a testiment to the social expertise of interested groups of people.

I believe wIkis hold so much use potential for both inter and extra-organizational group work. Like other technologies explored in this course, however, I also find it tough to engage colleagues and participants in using. As noted by Amy, the UMN Wiki is a bit complicated, tough for many inexperienced users to grab-hold. More deeply though, I often encounter colleagues and participants who do not immediately jive with the social nature of wikis. They want to stick with 'track changes' where the original document and their contributions/suggestions are cleanly compartmentalized/visible.

Grabbing-hold of the concept of truly social authorship takes some getting used-to. I think the growing use of Wikis will challenge our core concepts of authorship, contribution, etc. I imagine the creative use of wikis will explode as these age-old paradims shift.