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Productivity from Behind the Schedule

A wannabie GTD afficianado, I am a huge fan of online productivity tools. I frequently use Google docs, Doodle and Meeting Maker. My wife and I have a conjoined online to-do that keeps us on-track in the non-work life. Slideshare and Jing are on my radar as useful for the future.

This week, I used both netfiles and Senduit to pass along some 10mb and larger PPTs with a contractor. These files typically clog our email systems and get booted from others. So, it is nice to hand them off without trouble. An ESE colleague and I have also used netfiles to co-update a workshop agenda.

Finally, I will make a plug for IGoogle pages. This is a customized view of outlook that can contain windows to virtually anything you find productive or personally interesting. From one view, I can scroll through two of my email accounts, Google Reader account, search Dultuh Craigslist, search google maps, etc. It is easily my most efficient addition to the tech suite.


"Conjoined Online To-Do List" = Honey-Do List
Right? At least at my house!!
How do you get two email accounts on iGoogle? I only see my gmail. Thanks!

To get other emails, you have to search for non-gmail modules. For example, there is a nice hotmail module to which I subsctibe.