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The IM Vacuum

So, I am now Jabbering and Twittering. I have my Facebook set-up to update my Twitter status, and vice-versa. I was nearly AIM, and thought hard about whether or not to get my cell phone all connected into the mix. But the big bummer in all of this is not a single one of my contacts is Twittering, Jabbering or otherwise IMing. So, I am out there alone, status updating or not.

I think this experience (apparently on the frontier of the Extension professional internet) underscores my musings on the Web 2.0. IM technology holds all sorts of potential for inter-work team and programming efficiencies. For example, I imagine e-hollering for my colleagues - "Are you available for a quick brainstorm?" - creating and entering a chat room, and holding a brief e-meeting. On the other hand, I appreciate the ability to host periodic promotion or post-workshop Q/A sessions with participants. But, alas, none of this is possible when these folks are not signed on to the technology.

Like my own experience, I suppose use comes through useful introduction - get a good reason to try it out, find out you like it, keep using it? Perhaps I can play a role in this process through creating good reasons.... In the meantime, I encourage others to join me on the Twitter or invite me to a Jabber chat.