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Harnessing the Contribution Revolution for Extension

According to Harvard Business Review author, Scott Cook" "Every day, millions of people make all kinds of voluntary contributions to companies--from informed opinions to compution resources--that create tremendous value for those firms' customers and, consequently, for their shareholders." He explains: "The users can be customers, employees, sales prospects--or even people with no previous connection to the company. Their contributions can be active (work, expertise, or information) or passive and even unknowing (behavioral data that is gathered automatically during a transaction or an activity)."

Cook dubs this customer engagement as The Contribution Revolution - supporting volunteers in building your business. Highlighting success stories from gruops like Goggle, eBay and Hyatt, he explores where contributions can help companies grow and why people contribute to these companies.

We in Extension may not consider ourselves companies or in-business. However, I am conviced that our emerging and successful programs will benefit from this Web 2.0 revolution. In fact, I keep asking why we should embrace social technologies in Extension. This article provides one fairly convincing answer. Check it out.


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