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Not Enough UM Connecting


I went the advanced (slightly) route - set up a practice meeting and played with the display settings. I am a fan of the whiteboard.

The few times I have been involved in UMConnect meetings, I have surmised that one of the first questions we in Extension should regularly ask ourselves is "Do we need to travel for an in-person meeting?" UMConnect and similar technologies enable so much of the same work to happen without the requisite road-time and gas guzzle. In some cases, I would even venture the hunch that tools available in UMConnect can make the work more visible, focused...efficient. (Not that in-person meetings are bad....)

Like Moodle and the Google Suite, I suspect UMConnect will significantly change the way we do our work as disperse teams. I also embrace the potential to host webinars that feed into asynchronous Breeze Presenter presentations.... Some of my NRE colleagues are already pros at hosting workshops simultaneously in three or four locations via UMConnect. COOL Stuff. But most of my colleagues and participants still do not use it regularly - Connect-Shy, I guess.

And we ain't seen nothing yet! For all the uber techies in this mix, I suggest you peruse the UMN Digital Media Center for new tools that periodically come online. Today, I found an online mind-mapping tool http://dmc.umn.edu/objects/mindmap/. A few weeks ago, I encountered therein a UMN tool for creating virtual worlds - something like SecondLife. Imagine meeting Extension work team member avatars in a virtual environment? I admit this one is still beyond me....