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Off to Web 2.0!!


So we are off and running within the web 2.0!! A few responses to the final questions follow:

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises? I really enjoyed the push to explore technologies that otherwise sit, dust collecting, on my to-do shelf. The little gems of web-info that I uncovered in-text (e.g., fodey.com) were great.

How has this program assisted or affected your everyday work? Of course, I am trying new things here and there. More important, I am thinking more holistically about our use of the internet for Extension programming. For example, I discovered (and have since thouroughly enjoyed) Animoto somewhere in this course. That week, I posted a family mash-up. But, I later tried a quick Extension program promo...thinking how great to have something like this running on our site or at the beginning of class as folks pile-in, or a mash-up of pictures of their class emailed afterward? (See the result below.) Then, I introduced Chery Day to Animoto...and she began trying it out.....

Were there any unexpected outcomes or take-aways that surprised you? I am pretty surprised at my lingering inability to get what Twitter is all about.... But mostly, I am consistently surprised with how easy the insightful developers are making use of really advanced and cool technology.

What could we do differently to improve this program? Overall, I think there should be integrated incentive to visit others' blogs...interact with them. Admittedly, I have barely surfed the things others are gathering/doing with this course.

Although it would add something to the workload, it might also be useful to ask participants to apply lessons learned to their Extension Programs - a sort of real-world project experience.

If another enrichment course of this nature were offered in the future, would you try to participate? Sure...especially if I can get something like an MP3 player again!