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Understanding Digital Natives

If anyone out there is reading this (last week, I noticed that the blog surfaced on the second page of a UMN search for IT), you might enjoy "Understanding Students Who Were ‘Born Digital’" from the Inside Higher Ed News. This is a compelling review of a new book that describes the role of education technology for a nation of youth immersed from birth in the suff of microchips.... From the article:

"Technology is never a panacea. And technology on its own can do nothing; it’s just a tool for teachers and students to put to work in support of how they want to teach and to learn. A realistic expectation is that technology may be able to help support your pedagogical goals, but it’s not going to (nor should it) do anything on its own."

The bigger question here: Will Nate start using this blog beyond the scope of his Extension course? Not sure...but it is looking more and more useful.


I, for one, would keep reading! You write great posts.