Bilingual Babies

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chinese_bilingual_baby_on_board.jpgWhile recently looking through articles online about studies involving language and psychology I came across a study that involved bilingual babies and if the brain is altered based on knowing one or two languages. The study involves analyzing infant's behavior based on where they turn their gazes and how long they pay attention to find out the infants perception of sound, words, and language. Also, they use this data to find out what is familiar or unfamiliar to the infant. However using these types of signals from the infants makes it very hard to replicate the experiment.

During the study they used this data to also discover if monolingual infants or bilingual infants had different developmental trajectories. The bilingual babies at six to nine months couldn't detect phonetic sounds in either language they were exposed to while monolingual babies could. However at ten to twelve months the monolingual babies could only recognize phonetic sounds in the language they were exposed to while bilingual babies could recognize them in both. These results make logical sense and very simple. This is an example of using Occam's razor.

At the end of the article it is discussed how being bilingual allows children to learn in a variety of ways and how they are prone to prefer certain languages based on ones that are similar to the ones they heard while in their mother's womb. These ideas are very similar to the ones discussed in the textbook. The textbook says that a certain language is typically dominant to a bilingual person which in this case would be the language heard by the child in the womb. To learn more about this study visit,

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Why would the experiments be hard to replicate? How does Occam's razor apply? What is the bigger picture meaning to this study? Where did you get the information? You need to cite (and use links if available).

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