Drinking Cold Water After a Meal Causes Cancer

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This article states that drinking cold water after a meal causes cancer, stating the cold water will solidify the oily stuff you have just consumed leading to slowing of the digestion. In the next sentence it states once the "sludge" reacted with the acid will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster then the solid food, thus lining the intestine. Its last statement is that the sludge lining your intestine will very soon to fat leading to cancer. It also states drinking hot water or soup after a meal is best. Replicability to me, means that a study's findings (in this case drinking cold water after a meal=cancer) can be replicated exactly to show the exact results consistently. This claim can not be repeated consistently due to the fact that every person is different. Possibly one person could have had this happen to them but it wouldn't have been possible to repeatedly duplicate the results mainly because different experimenters have entirely different bodily figures all together. This claim is truly an extraordinary claim. Stating drinking cold water after a meal equals cancer; under how many circumstances have you drank a glass of cold water after breakfast, lunch, and or dinner throughout your life? Probably for most of us reading this number is in the 1,000's, in how many of those circumstances have you been diagnosed with cancer due to specifically drinking cold water after a meal? I am hoping you answered zero. Though this claim is extraordinary the evidence provided is no where near extraordinary due to the fact that is has no scientific basis backing it up. Overall, I find myself in one hundred percent disbelief with this claim due to the scientific thinking principles #4 and #5 used to tear this claim apart.

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Was a study even really done in this case? Remind your reader of what principles #4 and 5 are (or just leave that part out). Using the link function would make it easier to get to the website.

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