Freud's Dream Protection Theory- What is the meaning of our dreams?

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Freud's dream protection theory states many things about dreams such as fulfillment theories, wish fulfillment, and dreams being the protectors of sleep. But are these theories correct? Have these claims been disproved? The answer is yes, and they are false or are only closely true to what they're trying to interpret. Despite the validity of this theory, it is important because dreams have a lot to do with our daily lives. And by that, I mean that most people interpret their dreams without thinking scientifically. That's important because it can lead people to believe that their dreams have meaningful relations to their life. It's not true that it doesn't have any meaning at all, it's just that scientific evidence, and biological psychology studies ( such as activation-synthesis theory), has proved to show that most dreams don't depict hidden messages, but very obvious messages. If we take a look at this video, at the end of it is a man who says he saw a dream about a bloody man running through the church where him and his mom were at the time. He woke up and 5 days later his mother died.

Can we say that this had to be because he dreamed of a bloody man? What does the bloody man have to do with his mom dying? We have to think of the scientific principle " Correlation Vs. Causation". We can think of many instances where we had people being involved in a scary dream, and there are many people who die. We can think of it more like a coincidence. This is important to think about, because things like this can factor in everyone's life, and can affect it drastically. To think scientifically about it, we can avoid ignorant decisions that we make, and we can think about things that actually make sense. If we don't, we might just end up believing the wrong things that can dramatically alter our lives ( such as having a dreams that can bias our decisions and have a negative effect in our lives).
This picture symbolizes Lucid dreaming. I find this interesting, because I was unable to find articles or research that relates Lucid dreaming to dream protection theory. It makes me question if our dreams actually do have meaning if we lucid dream. Or if our decisions that we make while lucid dreaming depict our personality, daily decisions, life choices, etc... because that would mean we actually do have control of our dreams, and that what we do could effect our real life decisions, despite it being a dream ( because you can control a dream while lucid dreaming).

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Can you think of some specific examples of how dream interpretation could negatively effect someone's decisions? Try to use the link function for easier access.

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