Haven't I written this before? The wonders of déjà vu

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While eating dinner with your parents, they bring up the topic of getting a new dog and discussing what kind. You are suddenly overwelhmed with the feeling that you have already had this conversation with them, eating the same meal, and debating the same things. Or as you are out enjoying the day you have an odd sensation that you have already lived through this moment, and have seen the same children playing across the street. Anyone who has experienced déjà vu will tell you of the unsettling feeling that something has already happened before. There is an overwelhming sense of familiarity with something that should not be that familar. Seven out of ten Americans will report to having some form of these experiences mainly in the age range of 15 to 25 year olds. It can occur in anyone with or without a medical condition however it is usually related to the frontal lobe. Several pyschologists attribute it to wish fulfillment and fantasy. There are claims that the brain confuses the past and the present making someone to feel as though they have already experienced what they are experiencing at that moment. Other pyschologists claim that it is caused by an excess of dopamine in the temporal lobe.

I have personally had my own déjà vu experience last christmas when I was sitting at my Grandparents house for dinner. We all stood up to say a prayer and as I looked around the room I felt as though we had already said this same prayer and had already sat in the same seats. While the dinner served on Christmas at my Grandparents house does not usually vary from year to year, the room that we were eating in and the place I was sitting was new that year. It was the first Christmas since my Grandpa had passed yet it felt like he had never been there with us. The unusal feeling was chilling and disturbing as though I had forgotten the presence of my Grandfather. The question of how at that moment I could remember him so little still lingers in my mind. I don't understand how someone who could never be forgotten could feel as though they were never there. Could I have been forseeing the future Christmases sitting in the new room without my Grandfather and have been confused with the past? The experience was shortlived however it still left a lasting impression on me.


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What is the link for? Tell us why we should look at it. Good analysis of deja vu. Using the link function and including pictures would help.

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