I Killed My Girlfriend While I Was Asleep!

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Many of us believe that someone who is sleepwalking is walking while fully unconscious and unaware of their actions. Many sleepwalkers tend to drive their car, eat, or have sexual intercourse, but is it possible to murder while sleeping?
In the case of Stephen Reitz, he woke up to see his girlfriend, Eva Weinfurtner murdered on the floor. His reason for her death was that he was sleepwalking and was unaware of anything that happened. Is this a valid legal defense for him to not be convicted of murder? knife.jpg

There are many reasons that can cause one to sleepwalk such as: lack of sleep, stress, and the use of stimulants. Does it necessarily mean that since one has symptoms that may cause sleepwalking, can they commit murder while sleepwalking? How is it possible for someone such as Stephen Reitz to violently murder his girlfriend by severing her spinal cord, stabbing her, throwing her around, and still be unaware of everything till he finally wakes up?

Watch this Video from NBC on the case of Stephen Reitz.
Other addition information on sleepwalking click here, and here!

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What do you think? Do you think he could have murdered her without waking up? Why do you think that?

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