Implanting False Memories

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It's not hard to make someone believe something is true if you were to manipulate a memory in the distant past or something that could be true. If you were to reinforce to your roommate that when you moved in she said you could have the TV on whenever you want, it would be pretty hard for her to disagree with you and pretty soon she will believe that it is true. It's not kind to manipulate your friends just so you can watch the reruns of the Jersey Shore every week but it is defiantly possible.
Providing people with misleading information can cause the subject to feel as though this could be possible. They recall a memory of something however they forget that it was only suggested to them previously rather than the event actually occurring. Case Study of False Memories Looking at this link, In these instances the first two girls were led to believe brutal and terrible things because they trusted their psychiatrists. Trusted sources can often lead us to be fooled. Once a misleading piece of information has been reinforced it is more difficult for the subjects to believe that it was false.
In a research done by Ira Hyman, Hyman researched childhood memories that happened to subjects. During a series of interviews she questioned her subjects whether or not the instances happened. In the first interview Hyman asked her subjects about something that did happen and that did not happen. 84 percent of the true events in the first interview and 88 percent in the second interview were remember by the subjects. None of the participants recalled the false event during the first interview, but 20 percent said they remembered something about the false event in the second interview. By implanting the false memory, the subjects remembered the subject but could not remember the source and thus believed that it was true.

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Nice examination of false memories. A picture would be nice.

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