Language to animals? possible?

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As recently portrayed in the movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" many scientists and people have experimented with teaching animals different forms of language and communication. Since it has been proved that our closes relatives the bono primate was unable to learn the specific nuances of a signing language that all hope is lost, but is that definitive? Some argue that learning small parts of sign languages are similar to the evolution of humans and that their language could have pushed forward genetic adaptations and evolution. Through proven experiments monkeys can master certain words, but many or their errors come from syntax, but if all of the monkeys in an environment communicated through a sign language, would that lead to further mastering of the language and possibly evolution?

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What do you mean that they have filed the "specific nuances"? Do you think it is reasonable to expect animals to speak our language? How successfully do you think we could learn the sounds and nuances of chimp or dog vocalizations? Link to your sources of information.

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