learning a new language in preschool

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The article that I recently found was describing why children should be taught a second language early in life. The article "Can Preschool Children Be Taught a Second Language?" explained how it is much easier for a young child to learn a language than an adult. First, they explained how children are totally immersed in the language, it is easier to learn. According to the article, "when people immerse themselves in a language like children, through play and exploration, they can learn a language quickly and easily."
The article also gives tips on how to allow the children to learn a second language easier. Some examples are learning by doing, learning by talking to each other, and learning by having fun.
This article also includes vocab such as babbling, which happens in the first six months of life. This is one way the child learns the language, and therefore, it could transform into any language the parent wants it to. During the first few years of life, children form their main learning pathways.
Learning a new language is by far easier to do when one is younger because they are already leaning one language, and an easily transfer that into learning a second language. Also, it becomes much harder for one to learn a language when one starts high school, which is when most Americans start learning one. Learning at a younger age is much easier than at an older age.


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Does it still work if the children don't continue to use the language? Based on your psychology knowledge, what makes it easier to learn a language at a younger age? Use the link function and include a picture!

We have conducted extensive research at the IPC and have found that the implementation of a second language in the preschool curriculum is essential in language development in later life.

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