Memory Deterioration: Why can't we remember it anymore?

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Memory Deterioration is the process of memories deteriorating by means of aging, injuries and accidents, or brain diseases. But why do these causes make our memories worse? Is it the only cause? Many people try to come up with only one conclusion or two, but there are actually many reasons for why our memories deteriorate, and there is usually not just one hypotheses explaining this. This is important for studying the effects of memory on humans/animals, also for studying certain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and many other brain problems relating to memory. In real life, one America acquires Alzheimer's disease every 72 seconds. But why? Is it only because we age? As we take a look at this video, it explains how Alzheimer's is another progressive neuro-degenerative disease, through the views of the patients, doctors, and results.

As we can once again tell, it is evident that the actually cause of Alzheimer's disease hasn't been established yet. Will we ever know the cause? There are causes such as neurofibrillary tangles which create the loss of synapses, but this isn't the cause of memory deterioration, because correlation doesn't equal causation. There could've been an alternative reason to why patients that have those diseases, lose memory. This could be because with a loss of synapses comes a death and deterioration of acetylcholine neurons.
Some common myths of Alzheimer's is that "Memory loss is a natural part of aging." Although this can be seen to be true by many, it has not yet been scientifically proven,and the research still needs to be addressed. Also, there are people in real life that don't lose much of their memory as their age(but we should still keep in mind that their memory isn't always as reliable as it should be).

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I'm not sure I understand the argument you are trying to make. What are the many reasons memory deteriorates? Haven't the tangles been shown to cause memory deterioration in animal models? Use the link function to make the articles hyperlinks.

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