Memory Loss: Is it inevitable?

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Memory is a funny thing. There are times when you can remember a certain event like you're watching it on TV. But there are also times when, unless there's something making that memory reappear, you can't recall that same memory whatsoever. By definition, memory is the ability to retain certain knowledge and occurrences over time. It is commonly known that the older you become, the worse your memory becomes. But is memory loss truly inevitable?
Yes there are certain conditions where you cannot escape memory loss, like amnesia or Alzheimer's; but in general, you are the only thing standing in the way of a healthy, life-long memory. A few ways to help improve your memory and keep it healthy include your general health: making sure that you are consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals that help create and maintain strong and healthy memory, and practicing your common knowledge by continuously testing the brain. This website provides a list of vitamins and minerals, as well as safety precautions for these vitamins and minerals, that the authors established, through numerous tests, can help improve your memory and overall brain function.
There are other ways you can strengthen your memory. One very good way is by using memory games and tests. For example, one website that will help improve overall brain function and memory is that of Lumosity. It is a website that creates a personalized training program for you to improve your memory. I have personally tested it. I was able to tell through one session that if one were to make these sessions a daily thing, they would help improve memory and brain function in the future.
By strengthening your memory and brain as you age, you're more likely to be an elderly person who is still able to communicate with their families, still has their personality and loves life just the way it is. Don't let yourself succumb to the possibility of forgetting your loved ones and all of your knowledge that took you years to learn; protect your brain, keep it healthy and agile. When you're older, you will look back and say "Man, I'm glad I did that!". For what's a few little memory tests as opposed to years of forgetting?


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