Spring into School with a later Start Time

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In order to increase performance in our high school this past year, the school decided to push back the starting time one full hour. Of course as high school students, the students were excited about one more hour of sleep. But after some research, I learned that my former high school was not the only one introducing this new starting time. According to Valerie Strauss, writer for the Washington Post, Minnesota's Edina High School changed the school's starting time in 1996 for 3,000 high school students from 7:25 to 8:30. And just two years after, other high schools followed suit for more than 50,000 students. Valerie Strauss writes: "Teachers reported that students were more alert, and research conducted by Wahlstrom showed a range of benefits to students and teachers -- and contradicted some of the biggest fears about the change..."
Sleep.jpgAfter being a part of this starting time change, I would suggest any high school superintendent to take part in it. The majority of high school students split their time between school, sports, and their jobs-all major factors of sleep deprivation. Also, Researchers found that high levels of melatonin, a sleep promoting drug, affect teenagers later at night than it does for either children or adults. Which means, even if a high school wants to make it to bed early, some times it is physically impossible for her to do so.


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What were some of the benefits? How about the concerns? Nice topic.

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