"There's No Crying in Football, or Should There Be?"

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football.jpgIn a recent article in the Los Angeles Times Newspaper titled "There's no crying in football, or should there be?" it is discussed how if it is acceptable for men to cry. In the article it says that a study conducted surveyed 150 collegiate football athletes on whether crying was acceptable to them. The football players were given different scenarios about a character named Jack who cried or sobbed due to winning or losing a game. Those football players who viewed Jack's crying as acceptable had high self-esteem where as those who viewed Jack's crying as unacceptable had low self-esteem. Now if were to look at this study from the nature point of view it is surprising that the men who saw Jack's crying as okay had high self-esteem. Especially because society tells us that men shouldn't cry. Society stereotypes guys as being strong and people who don't show their emotions therefore as people who shouldn't cry. Now if one were to look at this study from the point of view of nurture it would make sense that guys who viewed Jack's crying, as okay had a higher self-esteem. They probably had a male figure in their life that cried and they think its okay therefore making their self-esteem high because they see it as being okay. It was also pointed out by Jesse Steinfeldt of Indiana University-Bloomington "that players who strive to be strong and are emotionally expressive are more likely to have a mental edge on and off the field." Even though this study shows that when men think its okay to cry they have a higher self-esteem doesn't mean society is going to be all to accepting of crying on the field. There are still football players and even coaches who get caught crying and are made fun of for crying. To read the full article check out this link, http://www.latimes.com/health/boostershots/la-heb-football-crying-20111003,0,5562647.story.

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Good use of pictures. Nice job connecting sports and psychology. Very interesting topic.

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