When sensation becomes perception

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sensation becomes perception when "a stimulus at the skin triggers an impulse that travels first to an area at the top of the brain called the primary somatosensory cortex. The information then moves to other parts of the brain, where it can contribute to memory, decision-making, and motor outputs."
In this research finding, it states that a monkeys perception of touch matches brain activity in the frontal lobe. They also found that the activity in the somatosensory cortex neurons, where the touch first arrives, is directly related to how strong the stimulus is. When the stimulus is more intense, the neurons fire more rapidly. However, the found that the neurons activity did not relate to the monkeys behavior. These findings conclude that a monkeys perception comes from the frontal lobe and not the sensory cortex.
This research is important so we can now understand how monkeys brain activity works even better. We know where certain perceptions are sent to through neurons, and how fast they might be firing. This helps confirm other information we have found about monkeys with replicability.

When reading this, I was wondering if this were the same for humans. That if it would make a difference where the activity in the brain would occur. I was also wondering if this had any correlation for humans or any other animal or being.

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Using your knowledge about perception in the brain, do you agree that the somatosensory cortex is the first place that sensations travel? Where do all senses (except olfactory) first stop? What other explanations could account for the findings of activity in the frontal lobe? How would you define perception? Pictures and the use of the link function would improve the post.

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