Are Gay Parents More Likely to Raise Gay Children?

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Some question the ability for same sex couples to raise children just as well as heterosexual couples. Many studies show that same sex couples are just as well likely to raise children. But the real question here is: Are gay parents more likely to raise gay children?
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From the stories of Rebecca Meiksin and Terrance McGeorge, you would expect that they turned out gay because of their gay parents. But in Terrance's case, he did turn out gay and he did have gay fathers but he claims it was all genetics. His father knew from the beginning that he was going to be gay. Rebecca on the other hand, is heterosexual and says that she has never been pressured to be gay by her mothers.
Research scientist Paul Cameron believes that Parents of the same sex influence their children's sexuality based on his research. But couldn't the children that did turn out to be gay from same sex parents, most like be from genetics? Their parents are gay and the genes may have transferred to the child. This is a case of nature vs. nurture. I don't believe same sex parents influence children's sexuality, but open their eyes to accepting the sexuality of others. Some parts of it may be due to genetics or environment. Think about the children who did turn out to be gay with straight parents. How do straight parents influence the sexuality of their children that turn out gay?

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What kind of studies need to be done to tease apart the influence of genetics and environment? Why do you think that genetics plays a bigger role than environment?

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