Are the Big Five Responsible for Your Waistline?

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The Big Five ultimately affect everything we do. This collection of personality traits shapes all of our choices and lifestyles so why not the size of our waistline? In an article recently published in the December issue of Psychology Today, the researchers at the National Institute on Aging have looked at data following "2000 people for over 50 years. We know personality traits are associated with other issues like smoking," so why not with the expanse of our middles.
These researchers discovered that individuals scoring in the top 10 percent on impulsiveness weigh almost 20 pounds more than those in the bottom 10 percent. These participants would start a weight watching program and because of their impulsiveness, they would be distracted and then start something else. The same peoved to be true regarding people scoring low on ageeableness. They were more antagonistic and caused them to be more distressed and therefore eat more and gain more weight. Angelina Sutin, the neuroscientist in charge of the study also found that it was personality that influences weight and not temperament.
Highly conscientious individuals sail through the waistline stressors the best. They are able to maintain there weight because of their even temperament and resist snacking and gaining pounds.Maybe we should design personality tests that could be taken at the beginning of any weight loss program so as to predict success and possible pitfalls.

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