Assimilation and Accommodation

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Assimilation and accommodation.

In the child developmental process assimilation and accommodation play a vital role. These stages of developments confirm a state of harmony between the worldly experience and mind of the child, also called equilibration; maintaining a balance between our experience and of the world and our thoughts. In Piaget's process of development assimilation is refers to the captivation of new experiences into our current schemas or knowledge. For example, when a child learns the word fox for the time, they will start to call all four-legged (or similar) animal foxes. In this case, assimilation took place. Consequently, according to Piaget, accommodation takes place through modification of the belief to make it more compatible with previous knowledge or experience of the world. Going back to our fox example, when people start to tell the poor little child, no, that's not fox, its lion. The schema for fox then gets altered to restrict it to only certain (fox) four-legged animals. . In this case, the process of accommodation took place.

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When I was young, because I was always around people who Muslims, I thought everybody in the world were Muslims before moving to Kenya to find out that was a bewildering childhood knowledge (assimilation). When I asked why people do things that were forbidden by Islam. My uncle told me not everybody beliefs in Islam. Essentially, I learned that roughly one-fifth of the world's population is Muslims compared to my previous that of the entire mankind (accommodation).

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