Attachment Styles

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As a nanny, I have seen every type of kid imaginable. Every child is attached to their parent in a different way, and you need to know this before the parent actually leaves (this could cause some serious problems if you don't). Psychologists have come up with this classifying as "The Strange Situation." These procedure studies how the child is actually attached to their parents and they came up with four different types of classifications. The first one is secure attachment, this is when once the parent leaves the child is upset but when the parent returns they are joyus and happy again. The second is insecure-avoidant attachment. This is when the child shows indifference to the parent leaving and coming back (the type of kids I love to babysit!). Insecure-anxious attachment is another where the child starts to panic when the mother leaves and then showing mixed emotions when she returns(reaching for the parent yet squirming to get away after they are picked up). And finally disorganized attachment, they react inconsistently to their mothers departure and return and may seem confused. I think these stages are important to know as a parent, babysitter, sibling, family member and even friend. Knowing these will help with the process of the parent leaving and returning and could possibly help out a lot of people. These classifications really help me when I am babysitting because then I am prepared for what I need to do to make sure that child is very comfortable with the process. I wonder how children can possibly break these habits? I'm sure that most just grow out of it and get used to their parents leaving and they realize eventually they will return. But, what should you do if your child never grows out of this phase?
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Does the text indicate that these are phases? What do you think (or the text says) are the impacts of the different types of attachment styles? Are these the result of parenting styles or something about the children (or both)?

Also include where you got your information (cite/link).

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