Big Five Traits

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This website I found has all the information about the Big Five Personality Traits, Extraversion, Openness to experience, Contentiousness, Neuroticism, and Agreeableness. It explains what they are and how people get assigned to these traits. It also explains the difference between the terms Big Five, Five-Factor Model, and Five-Factor Theory. It explains many other ways on how to find more information about the big five, but i mostly focused on reading about the Big Five and what it was all about. It explains the big five as as ranging of more specific traits. "The Big Five structure was derived from statistical analyses of which traits tend to co-occur in people's descriptions of themselves or other people." It goes on to say how they correlate to everyones personality. It then goes on and gives a few examples. "Talkativeness and assertiveness are both traits associated with Extraversion, you could imagine somebody that is assertive but not talkative (the "strong, silent type")." This was a very useful website and helped me see what my big traits were. It should me where i fit in on the scale and i found many other information through this site.

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I assume that you intended this to be blog post number 5 (since you already have a 4). What did you find on the website? Be specific. What do the traits mean? How does the "strong silent type" fit in? Use the link function.

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