Breakin' into the aggressive jeans

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The mystery of how video games truly effect children remains varied, however research all points to fairly immediate aggression directly after encounters with repeated, elongated amounts of violence. After viewing the video recording of children's behavior after watching Power Rangers vs. Barney, it should be obvious that there is some effect violence has on people. This study done by Gentile & Anderson (2003) states how their study indicates that repetition of violence in video games where children are repeating violent behaviors as they play has strong effects on a child's aggression. Repetition of the game is key, because repetition increases learning. However, all research cannot apply to each individual as they are. As conjured up from the articles provided in class as well as the textbook and additional research, it is all correlational at best. That being said, it could be very well possible that a third variable would be a child's genes, or maybe the environment they grew up in (or both...?). From personal experience, I have many friends who grew up watching and playing violent video games, however they are all varied across the horizon on their aggression levels. I wonder how a longitudinal study done on children from different backgrounds aligned with studies on possible aggression genes (as this article states) would reveal more information? Could the gene-environment interaction illustrate the idea behind the correlation between aggression and violence in the media? More studies will have to bring us closer to a conclusion.


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Were all of the studies correlational? What about the study where they assigned people to play a video game (violent or non-violent) and the violent video game players delivered louder noise bursts? Would the demonstration of the Power Rangers (or Bandura's Bobo dolls from the book) be correlational or could you determine causality? Overall nice articles and good questions posed.

Its really good article writing. after watching violence type of video like Power Rangers vs Barney children will try to copy of them. best article writing

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