Can Sexual Orientation be changed?

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Reed Kotz

Can sexual orientation be changed? This has been an interesting question for many decades now. Over the past few decades much research has been done according to the article above to figure out if sexual orientation can be changed and it turns out that it is most likely a genetic factor that plays into ones sexual orientation. According to this article and our psychology textbook there is extremely strong evidence of one's sexual orientation being determine before even birth. These findings are pretty remarkable and should help the movement against the oppression of gay people. The popular misconception that gay people choose to have relations with people of the same sex has been eradicated with the findings by Simon LeVay and the research reported by the LA Times article. These findings are extremely helpful to those who deal with problems associated with homosexuality. Now they can have clearer thoughts about how to cope with the confusion that is brought about by homosexuality. This will also help to bring more light to those who oppose homosexuality, showing that it is not a choice, but a genetic factor like hair color. Hopefully these findings can offer some insight to people who aren't sure whether homosexuality is a choice or not. This is something people are born with and should not be persecuted for their sexual orientation just because it happens to differ from societal and religious norms. Society has always seemed to persecute those who are different, and why is that?

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Why do you think that society might persecute those who are different? Give us a little more detail about what they found. How could they tell that it was determined before birth? Do environmental factors play any role? Use the link function (be sure to have text to link the site to). A picture would be nice.

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