Daddy's Little Girl

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My dad: girls scouts leader, soccer coach, teacher and friend. He has taught me how to act, how to overcome obstacles and how to handle accomplishment and defeat. When reading the psychology book, it states, "Children benefit from warm, close relationships with their fathers regardless of how much time they spend with him."

I would agree with this statement 100%.

My dad has always been there for me, through the good times and the bad. He had helped me shape my personality and helped improve and determine my self image.

According to Joan Burke, "A father's relationship with his daughter has an amazingly powerful influence in shaping her self-image, competence, and femininity, as well as her perception of all the men in her life."

Where again, I would agree with this statement. Whereas my dad has helped with my self-image, competence and femininity he has also helped shaped my perception of men, because I understand that men and women are different and you need to be detailed with your perceptions and emotions of things.

To my daddy: thanks for being there and for falling under the majority of awesome dads. :)
You're the coolest.

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Explain a little more how fathers in general play a role in shaping self-image etc. How does this relationship work? Why are fathers so important (as compared to a mother)? Give just a little more analysis.

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